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The bespoke procedure at Valeriano Romano is a true one, right down to its roots. It is a digital process that follows the traditions of designing a jacket and blending them with technology of a digital nature. This store has been operating more as an e-commerce establishment instead of just being a physical business premise and the store has not lost its tailored spirit. For each customized order, we make sure that we function with a consultative process that is carried from decades of tradition; we take precise measurements and make unique patterns while providing a vast choice of fabric selection. The customization options that we give are limitless. E-commerce allows us to provide bespoke services and these services are made accessible to one and all in all parts of the world.

We strongly believe that customization and tailoring have much to do with discovering perfection and these are expressions that are not restricted by options. This is the principal difference between offering bespoke services and catering to processes that are `made to measure’.

How it works

Custom Order Requisition

You can start the whole process of designing your own jacket by making a request. This can be done through the form made available to you on our website. Your consultation can begin even with minimal details on this form.


You can get for yourself a design consultant who is wholly dedicated to work specially on the details of your project along with its date of delivery, pricing and all the relevant digital illustrations. Consultancy offered is free of charge and you have the option of deciding to drop the project at any phase, as you like.

Order placement

You can place the order with the help of a listing link which is provided to you by your assigned design consultant. This listing link will mention all details that are agreed upon concerning your customized project. It will also include all digital illustrations.

Production & delivery

Your designs will be brought to life through our production process that involves six steps. This process is followed by a bout of photo-shoot sharing. The order gets dispatched after you approve it.

Production process

01. Digital Illustration Stage

To start the customized digital process, the creative team at Valeriano Romano will collaborate with the concerned design consultant to generate a digital illustration of this bespoke process. This procedure is shared with our clients, well in advance.

02. Creation of the patterns

The design consultant will brief the production team about all finer details of the bespoke project and this is done through the digital illustrations along with supporting text and pictures.

03. Fabrication and making of leather

If the bespoke product is to be designed of leather, the production team will place an order for manufacturing leather. This takes about a month to make. If it is decided that the garment has to be made out of a fabric, then the production team will source that particular fabric from trustworthy vendors.

04. Cutting and construction

When the client decides on options of either leather or fabric for the jacket, the particular item is procured and as soon as it arrives in the production facility; it is sent first for cutting and then for stitching.

05. Embroidery and printing along with accessories

If the bespoke project demands embroidery or printing or any three-dimensional printed accessories, the garment is directed to the concerned department once it is stitched.

06. Finishing and Quality Control

Once the product is finally ready, it is necessary for the production team to send each piece through a rigid inspection for quality control. The jacket or garment gets scrutinized from all aspects and angles to make sure that nothing has been left out or missed. The main objective when designing your own jacket is to make sure that it is crafted with perfection.


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