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Buying leather jackets has always been on the agenda of people who want to show off their fashion styles. We, at Galvaine, make sure that the actual physical appeal of our leather jackets is irrefutable. Our leather here is softer; the price tags are reasonable, commensurate with the quality of the stuff that you buy.


Meeting the rising demand for leather jackets


With each passing day, fashion labels are pushing themselves into the leather business. Galvaine has taken control of luxury items in this leather market which is in a flux today. The segment for leather goods has been estimated and valued at over two hundred billion dollars. It is also expected to reach well over three hundred billion dollars within the next seven years. Among the sub-segments of leather, sale of jackets alone is estimated around one hundred and twenty billion dollars and is rising with a growth rate of 5.5% every year.


What kinds of leather can you buy?


Before you go out and buy leather from our outlet, you need to go through an overview of leather goods and learn about their origin. Leather comes from cattle skin. After the meat is removed, the hide that remains is sent to tanneries to be converted into leather. Tanning is the procedure for preserving after cleaning the hide so that it will not decay once it is transformed into leather.


There are two major types of tanning methods. First, vegetable tanning is a process that is traditional in nature and it employs ingredients that are sourced from the barks of trees so that the hide could be preserved. The leather turns out in its shades of natural colors and it also becomes more firm. The second type of tanning is the chromium one; this is a method that preserves leather with the use of chromium salts. It makes the hide supple and more flexible. It can be converted into a vast range of textures and colors. It ends up with more stability. A large majority of our leather products are a result of hides that are chromium-tanned.


Leather comes out in three grades – full grain, top grain and in splits. Full grain is the highest grade and most expensive of the leathers. Hides can be used here with skin surfaces as they are and they show marks and grains that are accumulated from the skin of the sourced animal. The cleanest of the hides are used as full grain leather and they look natural. The tensile strength is the strongest and this kind of leather is long lasting. Top grain is the grade after full grain. This includes hides with skin surfaces which are buffed or sanded to get rid of imperfections. They are dyed and stained and textured to give character to the leather. Splits makes up the lower grade of leather. It is less expensive. Hides get split into two thicknesses and the suede or the flesh side gets buffed and converted into finished leather. This kind of leather has average tensile strength because it does not have the skin surface involved.


The colors of leather could be a result of being aniline dyed; semi-aniline dyed, pigmented or pulled up.  Aniline dyeing is perhaps the most natural among methods for adding color. A soluble and transparent dye enables you to see the grain and the skin’s character through the finish and the color. In semi-aniline dyeing, additional coating is given to allow more uniformity to the color and also to provide protection to the leather. In the process of pigmenting leather, non-transparent and non-soluble pigments are used, resulting in a synthetic look. Often, it may come out as peeled paint and it may not age gracefully as in the case of aniline dyeing. Pulled up leather involves aniline leathers that are impregnated deeply with waxes and oils. As the leather gets bent, oils will move around to cause interesting colors to appear. The leather gets an interesting character, which changes with time as it is used.



There have been plenty of innovations in the world of leather jackets. Every new day, you will come across latest designs and features and these are the main factors which are responsible for a stupendously large consumer base as far as leather jackets are concerned. The growth of the segment of leather jackets at Galvaine is being driven by the intrinsic qualities that we provide – our jackets are dustproof, fireproof and crack-proof. You can simply forget about the durability of our jackets – they will last your entire lifetime!